About Us


 The Board of Rainier Christian Schools is responsible for all District and school policies and delegates their fulfillment to the administration. The responsibility of the high school program is the high school principal.

The day-to-day responsibility for overseeing the athletic program is assigned to the athletic director. Each participant is directly responsible to his/her own coach who is responsible to the athletic director who in turn reports to the president.



All member schools voluntarily join the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and compete with other member schools. As a member school, Rainier Christian Schools agrees to abide by and enforce all rules and regulations set forth by this Association. The WIAA has specific rules regarding individual eligibility including attendance, grades, age, awards, school representation and transfers between schools, which all school must follow. 

The primary role of the WIAA is to maintain rules and regulations that ensure equity in competition for the student athletes and a balance with other educational programs. The WIAA solicits input and is responsive to requests for rule modification from member schools, appointed committees, and coaches’ associations. The WIAA attempts to enforce such rules that assure the greatest good for the greatest number and to ensure the competition is conducted in an appropriate manner. The WIAA is also responsible for all state playoffs and tournaments.



 The National Federation consists of the fifty individual states high school athletic and/or activities associations and its purpose is to coordinate the work of all of its members. The National Federation is both a service and regulatory agency. Cooperation between the state associations and the National Federation ensures some degree of teamwork on the part of more than 20,000 schools and enables them to formulate policies for the improvement of interscholastic activities. The National Federation also publishes rulebooks for all high school sports.



Rainier Christian High School is a member of the revised Sea-Tac 1B League. However, RCS will participate in the NWFL for football and in revised leagues for several other sports.

Rainier Christian Middle School is a member of the Chinook League.

 *some sports such as high school soccer and middle school baseball participate in other leagues



The programs offered at Rainier Christian Schools are driven by 1) Student Interest 2) facilities/resources 3) staff and 4) overall development and health of the athletic program and school. The number in parentheses reflect guidelines for the minimum amount of players who are firm commitments and academically eligible in order for a sport to proceed with scheduling, staffing, etc.

Fall Sports:

HS Football (16) - Boys

MS Soccer (13) - Boys

HS Volleyball (9) - Girls

MS Volleyball (9) – Girls

HS Cheer (4) - Girls


Winter Sports:

HS Basketball (8) - Boys

MS Basketball (8) - Boys

HS Basketball (8) - Girls

MS Basketball (8) - Girls

MS Cheer (4) – Girls


Spring Sports:

MS Baseball (12) - Boys

HS Fastpitch (12) – Girls

MS Fastpitch (12) - Girls


Potential Sports:

*HS Golf (6) – CoEd

*HS Baseball (12) - Boys

*HS Track (8) – CoEd

*HS Soccer (12) - Guys

Cross Country  (5) - CoEd


*Indicates sports that are available only if enough athletes have registered and is played only in the spring.